About Me

About Me

Ever since I can remember, the world around me has fascinated me. At 5 years old I asked to go and see the Tutankhamun travelling exhibition in Sydney (What other 5 year old do you know who asks that?), at 7 I could tell you about the bridge of sighs in Venice and at 9 I was an avid reader of books about Pompeii. By 14 I was an expert on Krakatoa and so it went on.

My parents took me overseas to Hawaii, Los Angeles, Vanuatu, the U.K., Canada and the Philippines – all before I turned 18! I was hooked – there’s a big wide world out there and lots to explore!

Ten years ago, while working for a travel company (funny how that happened – must be written in the stars) I met the love of my life, who works in the cruise ship industry. I’ve been with him in some weird and wonderful places, and have experienced a lot.

When I’m not travelling, where will you find me? In the garden talking to the painted lorikeets that come past every day, or checking out where the resident blue tongue lizard is living now. I am an animal fanatic, an avid documentary watcher and love all things earth related!

I’m a graphic designer, I’ve designed many books and I sell illustrations through various microstock agencies. I recently started selling my photos too, as I was frustrated with the time it took me to create an illustration based on one of the fantastic places I had just been. I have been selling online for over 6 years and I love doing it (so much so you may find me at 2 am doing ‘one little bit more’)!

So this blog is about where I’ve been, what I’ve seen and done and what to do so that you can live the life of riley on your next trip and hit the ground running!!



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