Vanuatu – Paradise with live starfish!

Following America, I went with my dad for a week in Vanuatu in 1990. And so that began my love of the Pacific Islands – there is nowhere else in this world like them. Everyone is relaxed, everything works to ‘island time’ and life revolves around the ocean.

Dad taught me a lot about nature and really, I think that is where my obsession with all things nature started. Being a skittish 6 year old, live starfish sitting on the beach were pretty full on. Exciting, but full on. Remembering that beach though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it since – lots of big starfish were relaxing on the waterline (do starfish relax I wonder? They looked pretty chilled out.) At one point during our trip I had a small white live starfish in my hand – I really wish I could have that experience again so I could truly value it (As a 6 year old a lot passes you by).

It rained a fair bit. I couldn’t comprehend that – it shouldn’t ever rain in paradise. But even when it was grey and raining it was spectacular. I’ll never forget the smell or the feeling of the rain in the afternoon and our afternoon walks around the Le Legon.

We stayed in a bure (traditional house) in the garden – that was exciting as the roof was made of palm leaves – traditional style. Back then I believed that every house came with a tin or tiled roof.

Vanuatu had already become a firm favourite. I went back to the Le Legon in 2006, and have been back to the beautiful Port Vila many times since.