It was 1989 in America

It was 1989 in America

My very first trip out of Australia – as a 6 year old to be going to Disneyland I was beside myself! And a plane ride – wow!!! No one in the history of people had been this lucky!!!

Being it was so long ago, the small details are a little bit blurred, but if you took me back to the street in LA I could tell you exactly where we stayed (I have an incredible memory, as you’ll find out). I remember the restaurant across the street, and 2 blocks down the amazing Toy’s ‘R’ Us store (They hadn’t come to Australia yet) that was a toy supermarket! I’d probably still be there now browsing the shelves if it was up to me. I’d never seen anything like it – they had EVERYTHING!

Disneyland was just out of this world! I got to eat breakfast with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck! I got to see the parade every day for a week! And I got to ride on the teacups and ‘It’s a small world’ every single day!!!! Total, pure heaven for a 6 year old!

The next stop was Hawaii, to relax for 5 days, or so mum thought…. The hotel we stayed in had a pool (Of course I had to be in it), the hotel across the road had a pool (Yep, I was in that too). I wasn’t too fussed about Waikiki beach, but there was one gem that quickly became the highlight of my time in Hawaii – THE INTERNATIONAL MARKET PLACE! It was pure heaven for me – I think maybe mum regretted ever showing me it as I had to browse through there EVERY SINGLE DAY! And so started the love affair with shell jewellery (Which I still have).


Breakkie in the hotel across the road – notice the beads? I dressed like a parrot even then!


Snappy dresser, shell jewellery connoisseur and a fish fanatic back then too – after testing the hotel pool, and a spin through the International Market Place, we ABSOLUTELY HAD to go to SeaWorld! You can probably guess who’s choice the day’s itinerary was….


A government building in Honolulu – Always the poser!


All in all it was a wonderful holiday – Disneyland was just beyond my dreams, One of those HUGE Californian strawberries would do me for a whole meal and the International Market Place was really something special!



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